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Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is a valuable resource for business owners to keep in their toolbox.

Leasing preserves working capital, which you can use to invest in profit-generating opportunities.

A lease is independent of other sources of financing. It extends credit limits, leaving more traditional sources open should they be needed.

Regular lease payments simplify accounting procedures, eliminate depreciation scheduling and ensure consistent control over equipment expenditures.

As costs typically increase yearly, you still pay the same monthly payment as when you began the lease, making your dollars stretch further.

Equipment Leasing

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Sale & Leaseback

A sale and leaseback is a great way to free up capital if you have existing equipment. A funder purchases your equipment with equity and leases it back to you. The funds can be used to grow your business, acquire another company, get through a slow season or pay off debt.

What can be leased?

All equipment types - if it's for your business, it can be leased.
New or Used equipment. Vendor or private sales.
Gym Equipment
Office Supplies
Restaurant Equipment
Heavy Equipment

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